Posted on 03/24/2022
SEL DayDuring the month of March School NO. 4 celebrated International Social Emotional Learning Day (SEL). SEL Day is celebrated to educate and advocate the importance and effects of social and emotional learning on student success.  The students were directed to explore the SEL Virtual Classroom containing resources, books and some great mindfulness tips to use for grounding, calming and focusing strategies to help prepare our students for learning.

All the students participated in our virtual assembly, "Flow and Grow." The presenter's objective was to engage the students on the topic of kindness to self, kindness to others, and kindness toward the planet. These topics were an extension of the many lessons the students received at School No.4 on kindness this academic year.

In addition, the presenter guided our students through meditations and focus activities,as well as movement and yoga poses to bring the concepts of kindness to life.

Attached, please find a packet from our Virtual Assembly, "Flow and Grow," to incorporate mindfulness, yoga and movement techniques in the home.